Anyone work with large amount of screenshots?

I searched around and I couldn’t find alot on this topic but basically I’m preparing to work with alot screenshots - and provide reviews; essentially I would like to mimic the style (not content) of macstories.

I’m using ipad/ios and its been a struggle to figure out what apps to use to easily resize images for posting to web; also what dimensions are best to not have the picture blurry? Also the intent is to be instructing users with these screenshots - how can i add markup?

Can anyone advise or share their workflows for mass resizes screenshot images and tools for editing?


Here’s what MacStories does:

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Personally I use PicSew to add frames and clean up the data at the top (it’s not perfect but it’s pretty good). Usually iPhone and iPad screenshots don’t need resizing, a 5k iMac screenshot on the other hand won’t be legible so consider using something like Displays to bring your resolution down to something much smaller so people can see what’s on the screen with ease (you don’t want to have to open an image full screen to be able to see things).