Anyone working with a 21'5 iMac?


Here in Brazil, unfortunately, we will probably be working from home the whole year again.

I’m planning on buying an iMac (I have a MacBook Air now), but the 27’ is too much - I’m a psychoanalyst seeing my patients on Zoom and Skype.

Is the 21,5’ screen too small? Anyone has one and recommend it?

Thanks in advance!

“Too much” as in “too expensive”?

A Mac Mini with an external monitor of your choice would hit your budget and give you the screen size you want.

My eyes are shot, so I could never recommend a 21.5 - but I can absolutely say that I love my Mac Mini. :slight_smile:

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I see a few problems with the iMac 21.5" right now.
It comes with a HDD or a Fusion drive, as opposed to a SSD. You can get by with the Fusion but sooner or later you will experience some kind of slowdown, and it’ll only get worse down the road.

Also, there are several rumours suggesting that the iMac will be refreshed this year with a new design, a much better Apple Silicon chip and of course, all SSD storage.

So, if you can wait I think you’ll get a better deal, spec-wise. Price is another matter, I know it’s rough in Brazil :frowning_face:
If you need a Mac now, I think what @webwalrus suggested is the best approach: Buy the cheaper Mac mini M1 and a monitor. If you need more storage just add an external drive.

While the 21” iMac is available with a Fusion Drive as a bulid-to-order option, all of the default configurations now sport an SSD. As far as I can tell a non-Fusion spinning hard drive isn’t even an option on a new 21” iMac.

If you can wait, the rumors are that the “smaller iMac” may get bigger and be released early this year. Of course no one knows for sure.

It would also be M1 / Apple Silicon which would be preferable.

If you have to get something now I would recommend a Mac mini with an external monitor and webcam.

This is what I would do, too, if I needed a desktop Mac right now. The M1 Mac Mini would last you forever, and you can get the screen size you need!

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My wife’s first iMac was a 2011 21.5”. She now has a 27”. I have her old iMac in my workshop for occasional use. For single tasking it does fine. If you need a lot of apps open at a time it can be limiting. Even a 27” can be limiting when you have enough stuff going on.

I agree with webwalrus. If you cannot wait for the Silicon iMacs, get a Mac Mini and buy the size monitor that you want.

I think that most people who move to a 27" screen from a 21" or 24" think that it is overwhelmingly big for about three days. And then it normalizes in their minds, and they are happy. So if your “too much” refers to the screen size being overwhelming, I would not worry about it. If “too much” refers to $, then I would definitely go the webwalrus route.

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Thank you so much, guys!

Maybe the best move is really just wait for the new iMacs.

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I want the new redesigned iMac when it comes out. I would wait for that. :sweat_smile:

You are absolutely right, my bad. The 21.5 fell off my radar a long time ago, so I didn’t remember they got the SSD bump when the 27 was updated.