Anything to look for in a "CarPlay" car?


I have the Sport Touring trim, which can be had in Canada (and I did get it with) a 6 speed manual transmission. I absolutely love the car and any time I can take it into twisty, winding roads I end up with a big, goofy grin on my face :slight_smile:

CarPlay was a pretty major factor for me too. I was looking at some Acura models and the Mazda 3, but none of those had CarPlay at the time (2017).


Yeah I think it’s different based on where the screen is - when I had a Mazda the screen was high up and further back so I was using the wheel 90% of the time
With the Subaru the screen is big, low and close so they don’t need a job wheel


I had aftermarket CarPlay receiver in my VW Jetta / Currently I have a Subaru Impreza with CarPlay. I would say it is so much better being built in instead of aftermarket. I’ll never buy a car that doesn’t have it.