App clips in action

I didn’t care for the game but this was still pretty cool to see:


Very cool—I hope they find it worth their time and publish the results.

As a tech demo it was a bit rough for me as a user—the first time I tapped play, the App Clip didn’t finish loading. The second time was nearly instant so I might have just had a slow LTE connection (but then shouldn’t I be made aware that my environment caused the problem and not the app?) Then, the first boss fight immediately crashed iOS (black screen, spinning wheel, reset to lock screen.)

After that the app clip is still playable by swiping through previously used apps, but it now is missing the overlay to tap to view the full app in the App Store.

Interesting look in the app library:

Has anyone come across an active app clip in the wold yet ?. Any lists of what apps have them ?