App Clips in the wild

I encountered my first App Clip today. I was at a service plaza on the Kansas Turnpike and when I unlocked my iPhone I had a Siri suggestion for the Dunkin app based on my location. It took a second for me to realized that I don’t have the app installed and the app icon had a dashed outline. I tapped on it and, yup, App Clip.

Unfortunately, I’d already bought my donut before I pulled out my phone, so I didn’t get a chance to actually try using it.

Anyone else encountered an App Clip in the wild?

yeah, a similar thing happened to me but it was Wahlburgers - we had already ordered and I noticed the dashed outline of the app when I looked at my phone.

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I saw one at an Exxon station the other day. I didn’t use it though.

Never having seen one, how does the App Clip manifest itself? As a notification?

It showed up in the Siri Suggestions widget in a Smart Stack on my iPhone home screen.


I was just about to ask whether anyone had ever seen or used an App clip in the wild - seems like they aren’t that widespread at all. But good to know that some companies are using them.

The only one I use – and I use it frequently! – is the contact-tracing check-in that my state government tacked on to their government services app. It still appears in the app library’s ‘Recently Added’ section even though I added it a year ago.


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