App Development

We are looking for a person or firm to develop an app for our company. We are a reusable containers company with a focus on reusable to-go containers for restaurants.

Ideally we would want the developer to create both an iOS and Android version of the app.

I am new to app development and was hoping one of you fine folks could point me in the proper direction.

Thanks in Advance!

What is the advantage for customers of an app instead of a website? I see a lot of companies with apps that are better served with a good web app.


Reach and convenience.

I know a lot of people who really dislikes using a “real computer” and does everything on their phones. Would suspect the younger generations are already accepting the phone as their real computer and I must say, a well-designed app often does a much better job than a bookmarklet opening a mobile browser.

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I can recommend the work of Headway, based in Green Bay, WI:

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Reach with an app is lower, because it requires you to install it before you can use it. I see the benefit of an app when you use it on a daily basis. When someone only places an order every other month, the requirement of an app can be user-unfriendly.

It is totally possible to make a great web app for mobile. You can only decide what’s best (app or web) when you know what people will do with the app and how often. In my job I see companies skipping that question way too often.

My view: do both web app and phone app.

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They operate a company for

It is way more convenient, to do things like that “on the go” with an app, then to be forced to remember some Webadress, and call it up every time you want/need to use it.

Not to mention that the app offers the possibility of use when there’s no network connection. Not possible at all with a website

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Well, of course you need to have a decent mobile web experience in addition to the app, but it is good to give users the option that suits their preferred interaction model.

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As McWimmish suggested - you might look at the idea of mobile friendly (mobile first) web sites. The concept is anyone just goes to this site on the phone and it is made for phone sized layouts and works fine.

The main reason to build native apps for android or iOS is to get increased functionality - for gaming and other things - however yours sounds like a data driven app and a mobile friendly website should work fine.

Also IOS / Android apps are harder / slower to update whereas a website can be modded instantly.

There might be lower costs to develop a website.

If you, lets say, place a order with McD, are you using the Website, or the App, right under your Finger with Location and so on?