App discovery: midterm - note-taking for studying

Hi there,
Found an interesting new note-taking app that could be useful to some who are studying and find spaced-repetition something that works well for them:


  • Multiplatform (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS)
  • Collaboration feature
  • Interesting pricing (free on desktop, one-time fee on mobile)
  • Spaced-repetition with several conclusions techniques (word, images, etc…)
  • WISWIG editor
  • Equations, Images, video embedding


  • WISWIG editor (no markdown)
  • No note-linking (but is it really necessary for the leçon-oriented positioning of this app?)
  • Still a bit simple on the UI side (using Craft seems like the future in comparison)
  • Nothing for power-users: automation / integration

All-in-all, a candid take on the use-case at the intersection of note-taking and study-notes.

What do you think?


Man, I wish stuff like this had existed while I was working on my degrees! I discovered another app featuring spaced repetition algorithms, Anki, a couple months before defending my PHD dissertation. My studying in college could’ve been DRASTICALLY reduced if I’d had something like this available.


Interesting. I thought that I might test it from the other side. As an instructor, how well would this app work for me to create study notes in advance and distribute them for the students?

I was a bit frustrated by the approach taken for how a user should manage folders in a course. I might however test this app a bit further just to see what overall advantages it has versus simply creating a set of study questions as a PDF document.



Interesting. There are other apps that support cloze, but this one’s simplicity is attractive.


Amén, Aarón, although I would have settled for a delete or backspace key on a typewriter!

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I’m the creator of the app. Thank you very much for mentioning it here. I just found this post from Google search.

Simplicity is the key of the app. It’s actually more difficult to make something simple (it’s very easy to make something complicated). I want to make it as intuitive as possible so that users don’t need to read guides before using it.

I’m also working on Live Markdown now. Unlike other markdown apps which need two windows (one for the editor, another for the preview), Live Markdown uses only one window. That is, you can see live formatting as you type.