App drawer coming to iOS?


allows users to see all of their application icons in a list view.

Why would I want to see a list of application icons?

Because: “ Currently, you can only view iOS apps through their homescreen icons and through search. This new page will include a list of all application icons, making it easier for users to see all of their installed apps at once.

Furthermore, the list view will include several different sorting options and other details. For instance, you’ll be able to filter applications such that you see all apps that currently have unread notifications. There will also be support for filtering apps by recently used, giving you better awareness of the apps you use most and least often.

Finally, this new list view will include smart suggestions powered by Siri to suggest which applications you might be searching for based on time of day and location. For instance, the list view might recommend that you open the Music app when you arrive at the gym.

These changes seem designed to make it easier for users to find applications that they might have misplaced on their homescreen. It’s also similar to the List View option that exists in watchOS currently.”


I just want to arrange my icons and have them stay where I put them. Seems a small thing to ask.


This is the main reason I loved Android, before I bought an iPhone.

Well, that and placing widgets wherever I wanted, too.

If custom app layouts don’t come in iOS 14 I’ll be convinced that this is somehow a patent issue because nothing else would make sense.

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It’s what’s keeping my on my Note10. My OCD likes having my apps hidden and in alphabetical order.

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So if they are hidden how does alphabetical order help? :laughing: Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

It’s alright. Ignorance is bliss. By “hidden” I mean they are only a swipe away. My home screen consists of my calendar, weather, and time widgets only. It’s much more clean and streamlined.

I knew what you meant. I’m just messing with you because I’m also OCD about neatness, hence my neat home screen. :slight_smile:


That’s what my iPad looks like to. I love the dock. Haha.

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Well, there are lists in various segments of Settings, and there’s Spotlight for finding what’s “missing”, etc.

It’s not the same. The iOS home screen is old, cluncky, and outdated. I would be happy with just being able to make the widget screen my main home screen on an iPhone.

List View would need good keyboard support - particularly if it scrolled. (Which Spotlight on iOS doesn’t appear to have today.)

Which suggests it would be more useful on iPadOS.

Is that an actual screenshot? That number of icons doesn’t seem to fit in my dock, unless I’m really, really, really doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is an actual screen shot.

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You can add 15 items to the dock and then the 3 right-most items are recents added by the system.


1 correction: the 12.9" can have 15 apps in the dock, on the 11" it’s 13. (one of the reasons my next iPad will be a 12.9")

but @Bmosbacker: like your setup! My homescreen is empty as well, I like the tidy desktop and nice wallpaper view.


Yep. Same. I didn’t have an Android phone, but I used a Nexus 7 tablet for a couple of years.

Search is adequate for me for most things EXCEPT when I want to find an icon to delete or move an app.

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Ah, so you MANUALLY add them?

A comprehensive list view is a good addition, and one I’m happy to see come over from the Watch.

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