App Focus "Word Counter"

One of my ulterior motives in starting the topic of
How many apps are you sporting
was to see what our collective community of Mac affectionados have and possibly discover another diamond in the rough.

As I embark on the task of app refinement and minimalism, I am re-examing many apps and in some cases rediscovering the functionality that caused me to install them in the first place.

I will highlight some of these apps for the MPU community for each to explore and see if would enhance their workflows.

Today’s App Spotlight is of an unintrusive tracking app that resides in the menu bar called “Word Counter”

It is written by a Sof Dev out of Germany and it costs $19.99
Word Counter Website
Here are a couple of screenshots of the tracking.

It will automatically track the number of words in each application however it will not detail down in what website off of web browsers.

It can be set up to monitor certain files but at this time will only monitor Text, RTF, MD and WORD files and not files in the .scriv format.

The history is quite robust showing tabulation on each day and to you can drill down to the hour where it splits it up in a Pie Chart.

Lastly, it can output history into CSV but this output is only a total of words per day.

I sent a message to the developer to get a vision on his roadmap and if he plans to expand file monitoring to .scriv files and provide a more detailed Excel output.
Twitter Link

This is a nice little utility that tracks your output and assists some who are paid by the word in certain cases to meet their set target goal for the day.

In looking at other apps in the App store most either count words in the clipboard or specific file. There is one app that looked it did a complete analysis of a document “Word Counter Pro” but only has one rating with a 1 star out of 5 stating it could not load a file and no response from developer and no updates since 2Y ago. So I will give that a pass and just keep this little utility for a little feedback on my daily content output.

I have gotten a very prompt response from the developer stating that one of my suggestions in next in line and that he would research about the ability to monitor Scrivener files.