App for bars and restaurants?

Does anyone have a good system for keeping track of bars and restaurants that they’ve either been to, or want to visit?

I’ve used Maps guides feature and this is okay, I’ve used notes apps and task managers, and I’ve also tried an app called Beli, which was closest to what I’m looking for, but didn’t feel like the solution! Open to any ideas!

Google Maps is perfect for this. You can make lists in the Places function, which includes a Want to Go list already installed. I make a list for every place I’m traveling to, then when I’m in that city and I pull up the list it orders them by distance from your location. It has a timeline for places you’ve been. The user reviews of Places on its maps (restaurants, museums, venues, etc.) are the best available (but requires savvy reading to avoid fake reviews as with anything). Nothing compares!


Yelp? 20 characters.

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Look at Foursquare, seems to do what you want.

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I’ve started using Air Table for my sewing and gardening needs. It really has great functionality. You could have a table listing restaurants by name, then a column for their website link. Then a column for a picture, location, etc. Then you could have a different table for menus. This table you could add column like favorite dishes, or gluten free, etc. You can then create a column in the first restaurant table linking the menus table so they interact. And all of this has filters and sort features. The photos Ive uploaded I’ve reduced in file size so the free version should last a long time (though I am not opposed to paying for this!). They have a gallery view so scrolling through is a joy. Lots of templates available too.

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Basically any notes/database/bucket app could be adapted. Notion, Trello, Evernote, Airtable, DevonThink Bear etc etc etc…

Foursquare seems a ready rolled solution pretty close but it depend on how much work you want to do yourself.

I also just use Google Maps.

I’ve got a shared Numbers sheet going with a friend for tracking good wings. We’ve talked about moving it to Airtable and using the scripting block (believe you get one integration for free) to hit an API that updates hours.

I use reminders… a shared list with my wife. I try to put in the name, where we heard about it, and address, and some of what they were known for. Sometimes even the website. Reminders has come a long ways, and you can add to it with Siri.

Setting location based reminders can remind you as you are driving by.

I often log an entry in Day 1 with a tag for restaurants after I have been there.

Maybe its because I work with complex software every day, and am just trying to make things simple?