App for Collecting Various Images

I collect various photos of painted minituature figures online for reference for when I will be painting mine (hobby). Currently, I add these images to the Photos app.

Is there a better app for collecting various images that is available for both macOS and iOS? Don’t want to clutter my photo library with other images.

Put them in a folder of your choosing and tell the Fileloupe app where to look.

Oops, I just re-read your post and the Fileloupe app is not available on iOS.

I use Eagle

While it doesn’t have an iOS app I’ve found that I don’t really need one because each library that I want to create can have a watch folder that resides in my iCloud Documents folder so I can easily add assets from iOS devices.

Like any DAM (Digital Asset Manager) it supports your Tagging, Smart Folders, Color Analysis and many other management tools.

If iOS is a requirement then the best bet is a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Bridge

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This uses your photos library unfortunately, but have a look at peek a view by Casey Liss or Collect?

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I was using Pixave for this but I’m thinking about switching to MyMind

Been testing various apps and MyMind is winning when it comes to ease of saving across devices, especially on the iOS. It’s auto tagging is magic!

Forgot about Raindrop. Still thinking about subbing because it’s only 28 USD a year.

I just use albums and tags in the Photos app for reference photos and screenshots. Still the quickest way to deal with on iOS. I bet you can work with a few shortcuts to do quick filing/tagging/search. As long as they are in an album I can ignore them whilst looking at other pictures

I did use Evernote for a while for this, but it took too many extra steps to file, load in right notebook and retrieve.

+1 for albums in Photos. The feature is there, and free. If I don’t want to see my image clippings then i don’t look at that album, otherwise Photos manages the sync and iCloud manages the backup and I don’t have to pay anyone a cent.

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Come to think of it, I may indeed just continue using photos app with tags and albums.

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Pureref !!! It’s exactly what you want. Awesome little app, free too

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This might be good use of a private Pinterest board.

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