App for Fartlek (interval) runs?

A bit before the pandemic I started running and I have been doing that the entire pandemic (helped to keep me sane). I usually run 5K’s which I record in Strava. Now I’m considering training for a “10K Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt Run” in September (just for fun) via a McMillan training schedule (as part of Strava Premium). Such a schedule includes running “Fartlek” runs.

Does anyone here use an App to guide you through the intervals of such a run? If so, which one?

The App runinterval looks promising, but maybe there are better ones?

(I was hoping Strava would guide me, but it seems they only send a daily email?)

This one has been awesome for me:

Intervals Pro

I use it for runs and gym intervals.

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Absolutely second this. Very customizable. Also it works with Apple watch without the phone and tracks gps data……aka can have a workout that you wear Bluetooth earbuds, leave phone at home, and it will cut into the music/podcast to give the next interval (you can tell it what to say) and then continues to play audio.

Also can do fartlek style intervals based on time or distance or combo of both.

Looks nice indeed!

Unlike runinterval it does not seem to be able to share a session with Strava?

(And you can’t import them later in Strava?)

I think I’d like to see those sessions in Strava… (I think)

I’ve been a big fan of WorkOutDoors that I use on my watch. It lets me create custom workout programs that can be based on time or distance. It’s not the nicest UI but the features are top notch!

Indeed: :cry:

Please be aware that only activities recorded with the Apple Watch Workout app recorded within the past 30 days are able to sync to Strava. Activities uploaded to the Health from a third party will not sync to Strava.

Source: Strava

If you’re serious about it, a Garmin watch would be the way to go. You can program complicated workouts like this and then manage them through Garmin Connect which will export them to Strava when you are done.

Having your workouts on your watch makes them really easy to follow as well. Third party Apple Watch apps are always a bit rough around the edges.

Of course this is the expensive option. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are “only” 8 Fartlek runs in the training (I think), so I rather use a free or cheap App than buy a Garmin watch.

Also, I’m pretty happy with my Apple Watch for regular runs and MTB rides.

If you use the Intervals app, you should then be able to use Healthfit to export the runs to Strava if it exports to Apple Health.

This was a key app when I had my Apple Watch before I went all in with Garmin.


I’m currently working toward a half-marathon with RunKeeper, which has similar training plans. For the interval runs there, you get audio cues for when you should switch between your intense intervals and recovery intervals. Depending on the workout, these are time based or distance based. I’m not sure, but I think you can configure your own as well. I’ve only ever done them with the workouts generated by the training plan, though.

I use RunGap to do the same thing. It works so well, flawlessly and quickly, that it makes it clear just how much all the big app players are trying to lock you in. There should be no need for these apps.

I wish I could, but I like the Apple Watch for everyday use. For biking the Apple Watch isn’t really an option compared to a real bike computer (although I know lots of people use their phones, but I assume they don’t have power meters).

After to many lost or “damaged” workouts from using the Apple Watch in the rain (without me putting on the water mode) due to the touch screen and the daily charging, I went back to Garmin. I don’t have the a power meter, as I’m not that serious, but do have cadence and speed sensor, as well as a Garmin Tempe that sends data to my watch, which gets missed when I had the Apple Watch.

Would RunGap and the intervalpro app combo not work to get he results to Strava?

Today I did my first Fartlek run.

  • I used the suggested Intervals Pro (thanks!) to guide me (and track fitness data & route).
  • I used the (free) HK2Fit to export the data to a .fit file, which I imported in Strava (upload function on their website).

I decided to use this suggested App because it can tell me whether I’m running too hard or too slow. That happened every segment… (running in the correct pace is still a challenge)

Lesson learned: it’s hard to hear the instructions; I should use my AirPods next time!

It would if it exports it to Fitness. It supports a couple of dozen apps, but I don’t see that one. It’s basically a backup/sharing app. It supports a bunch of apps, and you tell it what apps to share with. Before, something imported from Garmin or Strava into Apple Fitness wouldn’t include heart rate data, despite telling it to. With RunGap it does. So I use Garmin to record, open RunGap, and it shares it with everything else.

It is $10 a year though.

I am not that serious either, but tech motivates me to exercise. A power meter’s data is really interesting. It’s neat seeing where exactly you were strong, or weak, on your ride.

The cost puts me off at this point - I agree, as I’ve got the cadence sensor for that reason really, , though the Tempe is to offset the readings of the watch which is higher than normal due to body heat.