App for Mac that applies OCR to a Scanned pdf?

Hi there!

Following my transition from DT to Eagle Filer I’m looking for an app that applies OCR and makes the PDF document searchable. Later I plan to buy a Scan Snap scanner but for the moment I’m using my iPhone and a Brother scanner that sends me the file in PDF to my email.

Thank you.

There are a ton of ocr apps available for the Mac (link at bottom), but while you are making up your mind you might want to try Scannable for your iPhone. It works well, it’s free, and doesn’t require Evernote.


I will actually agree that this is one of the most underrated and excellent things EN ever did.


I use ocrmypdf. It’s open source, installable through HomeBrew.

It’s a command line application, but it’s not hard to make a Quick Action so you can run it through finder.

It’s probably not as accurate as some commercial PDF engines—but the price is golden!


Well thank you, I will try it. So it OCRs the text right? I didn’t saw it listed as a feature.

Thank you, I think I can use it in the meantime. I lost my fear of homebrew when I saw Raycast provided kind of a “GUI” for it :slight_smile:

Yes. The way I use it is to capture one or multiple pages. Then click the checkmark on the far right, choose Send, Share, and select a destination. The PDF is automatically OCR’d.

You can also use the Save button to save a photograph to your camera roll.


I use ocrmypdf too. It’s great. More details in this thread: PDFPen Alternative

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I got this through bundlehunt, for $4 so far it’s working perfectly,

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Great, thanks for bringing it up :slight_smile:

I second ocrmypdf. I posted about my flow a couple years ago here. Pretty simple to set up an automation w/ Hazel.

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Tahnks, using it with hazel is an excellent idea.