App Library in iPhone dock

I suspect this is a no, but if you don’t ask…

Has anyone found a way to add App Library to the iOS dock?

I like the way it sorts my apps, but it’s too far to the right (7 home screens) to be easily accessible.

I gave up trying to keep apps organized on IOS. I have 9 apps, 3 folders, and 2 widgets on my iPhone Home Screen and use search for everything else. My App Library is one swipe to the right.

It appears having the App Library on the dock is iPad only. I hope someone else can prove me wrong and help you.


Thanks @WayneG

I use a few different home screens with different Focus modes, so when i’m not in focus mode, i have too far to swipe. :frowning:

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You don’t even want to know how far I have to swipe! :wink: