App: monitor not responding app / energy usage?

Hi. Is there an app that can monitor & report apps that are not responding (freezing)? Activity Monitor’s energy tab shows which app is not responding or using too much energy but would like to have an app that monitors and report rather than checking activity monitor all the time.

Dropbox app has been freezing on M1 laptop and only noticed when machine runs hotter than normal - checking activity monitor shows Dropbox not responding.

Amongst other things, CleanMyMac X warns you if an app is “not responding”. The app is also part of a Setapp subscription.

But… I am not 100% sure that I like that particular feature. :slight_smile: It works, but it is apparently being triggered quite easily. Most of the time, when I get the message about an app being stuck, I click on “Ignore” and the app keeps working happily after that. But it might be an option you are looking for.

Regarding battery usage:

Probably, you know about that already. Just in case…

Thanks, might check it out but typically not into cleaning Mac apps.

Yes, I’m aware how to check which app draining power or not responding. Problem is that it’s manual process and most of the time app such as dropbox freeze without me knowing. Only noticed something is wrong on M1 laptop when it starts to heat up.