App / notification that an app has changed their price

Is there an app or some solution where I can track an app (iOS mainly but Mac version would be cool) that alerts me if the price of the app has changed?

For example, I’m an Overcast user but I’m curious about Pocketcasts but I don’t want to pay $5.99 to check it out.

FYI - Pocketcasts just updated to a new version today and I’m curious to take a look.


I’ve used Lookmark in the past for this, but it has a subscription service for the price alert feature.

That pricing is a bit steep. I guess if one were to use that feature a lot, it would make sense but I rarely have a need. Oh well.

I was thinking of creating a Google Alert but I fear getting too many alerts.

I have used AppShopper for this before :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ll check it out.

Appshopper had some sort of database meltdown a month or so ago, and it’s never quite gotten up to speed. Some new apps are missing, some updates are hours or days late, making me miss sales, and many Mac apps now erroneously say they’ve been removed from the Mac App Store.

I still use the site, but I can’t depend on it, unfortunately.

Another site I use is, which also shows deals on iTunes movies as well as changes in prices of TV series, books, audiobooks and music. Here’s the Mac App page:

They have a fantastic iOS app that keeps me up to date on the iTunes movies/TV/audiobooks/music. Looks great, works great. I’ve picked up many $4.99 movie deals through the app:


I use IFTTT for this - there’s a standard applet that continually checks pricing and sends you a notification when price drops - you just need the App Store link or the name of the app (though the link works the best, in my experience).



I second App Sliced. :grinning:

You can create as many alerts as you want when you register. It doesn’t have an app, but you can always save the website as an iOS webapp via the “Add to Home Screen” option on the share sheet.

They also send a daily newsletter with a curated selection of app discounts, if you want.

Totally agree. :blush: Just figured I’d throw it out there just in case it was useful.

Most apps are pretty inexpensive nowadays, particularly compared to the old days where software was hundreds of dollars. I dunno, I don’t see a need for such services.

Waiting for an app price to go down by a couple of dollars before buying is just silly IMHO. If you can afford $1K+ iPhones and iPads, you can certainly afford $6 for an app, even if you end up not using it.

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Using services like these I regularly get apps that I wouldn’t spend $19.99 on that I’ll pick up for $1-$2. In fact I wrote about doing just that two days ago:


It takes me about 2-3 years to save up for the next replacement of an Apple device, and only then do I get it if it’s really compelling. I wouldn’t have dreamt of getting an iPhone X but rather an 8. Every €6 count towards that.


You can also try AppAgg :muscle: