App or Chrome Extension for Scrolling Capture of Outlook Web Email Message

Does anyone know of an App or Chrome Extension which can do an auto-scroll capture of an email message in a popup window in Chrome?

Snagit is terrific at capturing scrolling content but for some reason it does not work with Outlook OWA.

Devonthink can capture a specific web window but cannot scroll it.

Are there any alternatives that work?

Cleanshot x should do this/

Interesting idea - Cleanshot X does indeed support scrolling capture and it’s even part of SetApp which I subscribe to.

But the UI is less than ideal for selecting a scrolling window and it seems to be very sensitive at scrolling too fast, which distorts the output.

Any others?

Not sure whether capturing the popup will work but you may want to try the Nimbus extension. It does scrolling captures rather well.

Edge has a built-in screenshot tool that does scrolling capture of full windows as well.

@rkaplan SnagIt 2022 is what you want.

Hands down the best (but bloated!)

Interesting idea. I tried the Nimbus extension. It seems really well done and works for many other sites but will not scroll on Outlook OWA.

There must be something specific to the OWA site that interferes with attempts attempting to scroll its content.

I love SnagIt and use it frequently.

But SnagIT 2022 cannot scroll OWA either.