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I’m a psychoanalyst and I’m trying to find a way to centralize my patients info on a single database. I need an app/site to register payments and to have access to my google office’s google calendar.

Any suggestions?

For centralizing your patients info in a single database, I’d look at Airtable. This was recently covered on the Automators podcast and lots of discussion of it in the MPU and tech community broadly. I’ve used it to coordinate a lot of different things in my life. It’s a powerful tool.

A caveat is that is is a cloud-based system. Since you are storing people’s personal (medical-ish) data you’ll want to make sure that it complies with your local data privacy laws and requirements. If you’re in Canada or the US I don’t think Airtable would be in compliance.

If you aren’t wedded to a literal database (Airtable is rather literally a database), you might look at some other information management systems like DEVONthink, which can be used without any privacy issues. You’d be rolling your own file structure since it’s just a container for organizing objects rather than a dedicated database program.

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There are several off-the-shelf products + services for patient administration. I suggest checking with your profession’s national organization to see if there is anything recommended from other members. I agree with @Scottisloud on the privacy issues, and also suggest making sure whatever solution you choose has no record of hacking.

DEVONthink, or KeepIT could do the job, of course, but you’d be using it to cobble together a solution that might already be had in the open market.

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Can Airtable embed google calendar?

I’m not sure what you mean by “embed” since it’s not clear what it means to “embed” something in a database row.
However, Airtable is nicely automatable via Zapier and does integrate with Google Calendar:

Again, if you are regulated by any health agencies or have to comply with patient privacy, obviously Airtable, Google Calendar, and zapier are complete non-starters.

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Oh, sorry, English is my second language (Brazilian here).

Yes, I cannot write personal data about patients, but I can use “fake-names” to organize myself. Personal records should not be uploaded to the cloud.

Thank you very much. I’m already watching some videos about airtable.