App store on unsupported iPhone

Dear all,

I was wondering if you can help me solve a little problem.
I’ve repurposed my iPhone 4 for video storage on the go (mostly fitness videos to do in the park), so that I don’t have to use my regular phone, which is full anyway and I can have it lying around without worrying much about it getting damaged/wet/stolen.

I have VLC installed on it and that works just fine. However, I’d like to have some sort of txt or pdf reader on it as well, but the app store is no longer available (it’s running iOS 7!). Is there any way for me to install a simple reader on it without the store? That would allow me to have a description of the workouts on the same phone.

Thank you in advance!

If you can’t access the app store, I remember jailbreaking earlier models, but haven’t done it in years so you’d need to do some research.

iBooks will read PDFs, not sure about Txt

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There was no iBooks back then… :sweat_smile: It really is an old iOS!

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Copy the text files into Notes?
Or email the PDFs to a new email address just for that phone?

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Ah, OK. You’re a bit screwed then.

I wonder if there’s some form of online service

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I have actually just made a discovery, which I’m going to share, for the benefit of anyone trying to use devices from a distant past.

I had assumed that the App Store was no longer supported under iOS 7 (that’s what Google said), because I kept getting a password error, even though I was certain that it was correct. What I was supposed to do was typing my password directly followed, in the very same field, by the numeric code sent to my other phone. It worked! I thought a field for the code would pop up after accepting my password.

Bottom line: I have managed to download the most recent compatible version of GoodReader and I will now transfer my txt or pdf files to the iPhone through iMazing.

I forgot to mention that this phone now lives very much offline, so no e-mail or any transfers or clouds of any kind. I have only briefly activated wifi to be able to download GoodReader.

I’m a happy bunny now and pretty satisfied with the fact that even such ancient devices are still good for something!
On a side note: since its use is so limited I need to charge this phone every 7-10 days, not too bad for a phone dating back 13 years or so!