App that keeps track of gift cards

Hi all, I’ve been given a couple of gift cards from amazon, whole foods, and some local places. Is there an app that I could store the name, number, and pin code for tracking purposes? Thanks

Apple Notes. Then lock it with a password or Touch/Face ID.

Or a spreadsheet. Or practically anything - I don’t see the purpose of a separate app for that (or expect any developer would code and support something so specific).

I wish Apple Wallet could do this.

Since the last activity on this question was January 2015, I thought I would raise this question again.

No, January 15th.

And six months later I still don’t see the purpose of using a separate app when you have a built-in notes app with lockable notes.

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My mistake. Thank you for the correction.

And also, thank you for reiterating the Apple Notes option that now has locking capability.

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