App to combine all IM services

I need some help. I have a situation where I am working with multiple teams in my day job. Each team seems to have a different method for IM communication. I have one team using Slack, another using Telegram and then I have some people messaging me on WhatsApp or MS Teams.

I have come across a couple of services that will combine all messages from these services into a single Mac app, however, I have never heard of these apps before so I am not sure how trustworthy they are.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried to solve this problem, and if so, what service they use.

Have you seen Franz?

It’s been there for a while and it’s basically a wrapper for multiple optimized browser tabs for each service.

I’ve tried Franz and several others but they all had some issue or another. The one I’ve landed on, which has a lifetime license (no subscription) and works well is Rambox.

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Thank you, I will take a look at both. I wonder if I can get away with the free version of Rambox

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I found another service for things like this that looks promising. I like all the apps that have a “go to anything” palette. :smiley:

Also check out IM+ Instant Messenger in the App Store or


I found Franz, Station and Slack (Electron Apps | Electron) to be unnecessarily resource hungry on the Mac

I therefore started using Unite to create web apps for Slack, LinkedIn etc etc to have the best experience. This has the added benefit of sandboxing (no cookie/history sharing) and use of credentials/authentication on the original website. I use Brave as the underlying browser to prevent Chrome bloat to add to the misery. Unite web apps are extremely lean and give you all the features and performance. For Microsoft tools (Outlook/OneNote and Teams) I use Vivaldi browser for the same reason. Vivaldi has a nice tab tile function to look as 2 web screens side by side.

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I thought Unite is (only) powered by WebKit 2?

Maybe you use Coherence from the same company?

I actually switched from Coherence to Unite when Unite 4 came out (both available in Setapp). It works native on M1 and I got a better performance from it. In Coherence, I used Brave as the backend browser and I assumed it would do the same in Unite, but indeed it is WebKit 2. Nevertheless, I am happy with the performance and sandboxing on data miners like LinkedIn and other sites that function well as a web app like Slack. Definitely outperforms the Electron app and is not resource hungry…

I also use Unite and like it.

Wish that worked for Azure DevOps as well, but somehow that seems incompatible.