App to design a floor plan?

Hi there!

I’m no architect or anything like that. I have a space that my family bought and we would like to use some of what is already built. That’s why I’m looking for a floor plan app to design something and give us some idea of what we may be able to do.

With that in mind, which one would you suggest? I have an iPad, MacBook and iPhone.

Thank you everyone.

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I would take a look at Affinity Designer v2. It is a great app for designing and laying out stuff, and v2. includes tools for measurements as well.


This might be, what you are looking for.

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Thanks, I hope it’s not to advanced.

Thank you, I will try it!

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This may be too much, but its non subscription and cheaper than Affinity

LiveHome 3D

RoomSketcher looks interesting but I find websites that hide the pricing extremely annoying…

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Affinity Designer is indeed a pro-level app, but I find it way easier to work with than Adobe Illustrator. It might be overkill if you won’t need Designer for other tasks later.

It looks very complete, thank you! I will try it out.

Thanks! It caught my eye when I was looking for this kind of apps. I will try it!

I used this iOS app for free 3 years ago when I was planning a house: Room Planner. It was really easy to use and also has a linked library of IKEA and other store furniture.

I think I hit a paywall a couple of times and I did consider just taking out a subscription for a couple of months to cover me, but in the end I was able to do all I needed without paying (my needs weren’t complicated, I just wanted to try different layouts and plan a garage conversion).

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Thank you, I’ll check it out.

Which one did you ultimately choose? I took the measurements of my basement to plan out my home gym layout. I’ve tried a coupled of apps but there are all too complicated so far.

I’m hoping that you found an easy to use app as a result of your research!

I decided to stick with Illustrator. All apps that I looked at had too steep learning curve. :frowning: