App to open/edit photoshop files on iPad

Is there option to open/edit a psd file on the iPad…without photoshop?

I’m using Pixelmator which can open and edit the file but messes up all the layers. Instead of laying them neatly, show me all the pictures used stacked on top of each other.


I use Affinity Photo for this. Very capable product IMO. It does a great job with normal pixel layers, adjustments and masks. (Using it’s own rendering and export engines, so results may show minor output differences.)

More advanced and proprietary CC features like “smart objects” and other “Adobe smarts” may not always be handled correctly though.


Have you tried PS Express app from Adobe? I think it’s available freely and probably has some restricted functionality but maybe enough to get you through?

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Actually not. Will check now. Thanks

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PS Express is a very nice app, and if you pay for Adobe Ceative Cloud (eg the $10/month Photoshop/Lightning bundle) you can log in to the iOS app for full unlock. It’s good for resizing, fixing perspectives and adding text, borders and watermarks, blemish and dust removal, and has all the major adjustment features of post-production apps like Snapseed. You can also send images as PSD for further work in Photoshop, as well as using Photoshop effects (when logged in to your account). You can also share to multiple destinations at once - including Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr.

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Procreate should do it too, but I don’t have my wife’s iPad handy to try (or a suitable PSD file for that matter).

Just so you know, Photoshop (the full version) will be on iPad soon, so if you do have it on your Desktop, you’ll be able to do ALL of it on iPad, not just the Express version. Since Adobe MAX is Nov 4-6 this year, my guess is it will be available at that event. It doesn’t help you for right now but it IS coming:-)

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