App to recreate old photos?

I’m looking for an app to help recreate old photos. Something that would super impose the old photo on the camera to like things up.

I found a couple apps (recreate, take it again, past cam) but they’re all pretty clunky, have low reviews, or don’t seem to be updated.

Any recommendations?

I get a lot of hits when I Google “make ‘then and now’ photos”.

Could you please elaborate a bit on what you are trying to achieve here please? Not quite understanding if you want to

  • recreate an old photo by taking a new one at the same location and similar composition,
  • if you want to scan an old photo to enhance it, or if you want to
  • make your current photos “look old” by applying filters

Guess you are looking at something for iOS / iPadOS, right?

@airwhale – search for “make then and now photos”, as suggested. It is placing a “new” image onto the background of an “old” image. For example. The apps the OP mentioned do this: Recreate, and Take it Again, and PastCam.

Thanks @anon41602260 - those links were very helpful.

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