Append to Note Shortcut


Can anyone help? I am trying to make this shortcut to append an item to shopping list in note.

Whenever I run, I get an unknown error has occurred?

It looks like you are trying to append the note to itself. In the append to note action, where you see the grey bubble that says “notes”? That is the magic variable. Click in it and you should be able to change it to “text.”

Also note that this shortcut will paste text into your shopping list from your clipboard. If that is what you want, great. If you want to type text in the shortcut to add to the note, use the “get text from input” action.


You’ve not asked for any input. You have the note, and the append, but no input

Try adding the “ask for input” action, and add the input from that to the note from the search action

Thanks all,

It is solved, for completeness see workflow below;

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