Apple announces Sept. 12 event


My guess is M3 iMac.

And Apple and Disney partner in a more permanent way

I’ll be there!


My wife really wants a pair of Airpods Max so I am hoping for an upgrade this year just in time for the holidays. Great headphones by all accounts already, but man that case “bra” is just unacceptable. USB-C would also be great!


I’ll probably sell and upgrade mine if they get a physical mute button. I’ve found the current ones to be worthwhile despite the limitations because nothing else is as comfortable to wear and has as good of ANC.

I wonder if Apple will address the condensation problem for the AirPod Max? I’d love one if this issue is fixed.

I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop to a Pro. Any chance of an M3 this year?

Rumour has it (and by that I mean Mark Gurman, who single-handedly provides all Apple rumours) that the Macbook Pros M3 will be released in early to mid 2024.
The lower end M3s are expected in the October 2023 event: MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini.


No mention of an e-ink reader. I’ve been making my sacrifices to the wrong gods it seems :goat:


I’m holding out for an Apple Watch that includes the ability to take blood pressure readings without needing other devices. Really holding out as I won’t buy an Apple Eatch until that feature is there. But when I do buy such an Apple Watch it will end my multiple decades of not wearing any watch. Why would I need a watch when my computer has the time of screen (even if back in the day I had to press Ctrl-T) and later the time is displayed on my phone. The presence of blood pressure monitoring is the killer feature for me.


Is blood pressure tech at the stage where it’s technologically feasible without something like a compression cuff?

Optical can report deltas around +/- 5 without calibration (so relative changes, not necessarily accurate absolute numbers.) Probably better with the kind of ML Apple researches. That’s from devices that aren’t larger than an Apple Watch but aren’t packing other sensors underneath.

I think watches would be better at a hypertension warning based on reads over multiple days, similar to the approach with the periodic EKG readings.

Plus no doubt the Apple PR/press cycle would be quick make people feel bad about the varying quality of their at-home cuff sensors. :upside_down_face:

Apple has some patents on non-cuff schemes. Last I heard the holdup was getting the hardware certified by the FDA for medical usage. Personally I find cuffs too variable and always struggle to get them tight enough to achieve accurate readings but they do show the trend I suppose.

Oh wow… I am planning to buy a Mac mini. So, I have to hold out until October 2023? Ugh, what a bad timing. I posted my predicament here…

This article from MacRumors (referencing Mark Gurman) says that maybe the Mac mini will not be updated in the first M3 round:

Here’s the MG original newsletter:

(Edit to include 2nd link)

Gurman last month said that he did not expect a new Mac mini to emerge until late 2024 at the earliest.

Good to know!

Practically speaking, what’s the year-over-year difference for Apple’s M series chips? I know there’s always something, but there’s always going to be a “new shiny” over the horizon. And of course sometimes certain models aren’t available on launch day, etc. I would think that in the computing range of the Mini, you’d still be very happy with an M2 if that’s what you need now.

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From a standpoint of purely psychological, I think I should wait until at least after the 12 Sept event, which is just two weeks away.

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