Apple blinks. App Store now allows emulators worldwide

iDOS is a unique case that may be making Apple squirm… It’s not just a “game emulator”, I run Turbo C++ on mine and it compiles code just like on my old pc. I would imagine sandboxing offers some guardrails and it was approved before, but upon closer examination, they may not like a full pc from 1993 that can access the internet living in their iPads.

Retroarch and PPSSPP being approved is bringing the iPhone into handheld gaming royalty… no more scammy microtransaction games for mobile entertainment. Once Provenance arrives, we will need nothing else.

Yes and 4.7 of Apple’s App Review Guidelines also mentions “retro” in the Design section.

“Additionally, retro game console emulator apps can offer to download games.”

So Apple might be thinking additional review time is needed to figure out terms like “retro” and “game console emulator.” I doubt those terms were randomly chosen.

Still, it’s possible that the increased scrutiny Apple is facing in both the EU and the US may make rejecting iDOS 3 a bigger problem than accepting it.

Bloomberg: Apple’s 27% App Store Fee Trying to Comply With Law, Exec Says

Earlier in the hearing, Apple’s attempts to justify the 27% fee backfired as [US District Judge] Rogers questioned another executive about a company-commissioned study showing half that rate would be reasonable.

Carson Oliver, senior director for business management for the App Store, testified that Apple hired economic consulting firm Analysis Group Inc. to help create a new commission rate for purchases.

But Rogers repeatedly chastised Oliver for statements about how Apple decided it would charge developers 27% for purchases of digital goods or services made outside its App Store, given that the lowest end of the range in the Analysis Group study is 12.3%.

“How did you justify the other 15% you are charging?” she said.

Services to Developers

Apple provides a number of services to developers including discovery of apps, distribution, developer tools and platform technology, along with additional privacy, user trust and safety that aren’t comparable to other platforms, Oliver testified. He said Apple estimates the true low-end was 17%.

Mac Rumors: Apple Shares 2023 App Store Transparency Report