Apple blinks. App Store now allows emulators worldwide

They quietly let the SCUMMVM app in a couple of months ago so we could play Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, etc. So now I guess it’s official


Great news! Perhaps iDOS 2 will make a return?

Doubtful. I have not heard from Litchie in 6 months. He deleted his social media accounts and has gone dark. I hope he is ok.

This is very exciting stuff. I’ve actually been looking at purchasing an android-based gaming handheld called the Ayn Odin 2 to emulate consoles up to PS2 and GameCube. I may hold off and see what happens on iOS with this.

I hope the developers of existing emulator apps such as Delta are able to put their apps on the App Store without issues. Some of those folks have spent years building apps thinking there’d never be an official way to use them, but hopefully they get their due.

But the ROMs that run on the emulators are still a bit on the shady side, right? They’d need to be installed directly on the device away from the eyes of Google and Apple and Dropbox, yeah, so that the user doesn’t get dinged for having them?

As long as you aren’t sharing them with others, I don’t believe there are issues storing roms on cloud storage. ROMs are legal when they are made from your own copies of games, and those companies would have to disprove ownership to remove them. (I’ve only ever stored like SNES and GBA games so YMMV for newer systems)

Interesting. I’m not sure I’ll go down that rabbit hole, but being able to play Megaman or some original SMB games on my phone would be great. I’d even be willing to pay to download them and play them with an external controller!

Even though an emulator was removed, it appears to be for other reasons. Fingers cautiously crossed.

He just announced iDOS 3 is coming.

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I remember a decade ago when I was in high school, I figured out how to install GBA4iOS on my iPad Mini which that app was ripping off! Back then, there was some corporate certificate workaround that you could use to install non-approved apps. Wild that these apps are coming to the App Store after so long.

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Yep, I have been sideloading Delta for a long time and it’s great.

Too bad Apple needed a big push from the EU to do this. A bit of decency and a dose of sense could have avoided a whole mess.

they are greedy and douchey… They knew that once people could use emulators, their scammy micro transaction game sales would take a hit. I quit buying iOS games years ago because the games were always “removed”, “weren’t updated”, “altered for in-app purchases”, etc. etc. It was just a big scam. As soon as MAME and a good Genesis emulator get in the app store, micro transaction games will die. good riddance.

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Steve Jobs always knew what people wanted. Provenance will arrive in the iOS App Store soon.

Sony apparently had other ideas about Connectix’s PlayStation emulator.

It looks like there’s a technical problem adding the Dolphin GameCube and Wii emulator to the App Store

Yeah JIT is a big no-no for apps. It’s a shame because Apple Silicon is fantastic for Dolphin. I’ve even ran Dolphin on my 2018 iPad Pro years ago (I forget how) and games ran perfectly.

I think this speaks to the larger problem with iPad apps. Restricting access to lower level functions prevents many “real” apps from coming to it.

Riley has provided AltJIT for a while, maybe thats where you saw it.

Washington Post: Apple banned this app for years. It’s now America’s No. 1 iPhone app.

The app’s surge in downloads this month shows how important the App Store is for you to find apps and trust that they’re safe. But the unfulfilled demand for Delta before now also shows the shortcomings of Apple’s control over what you can do on your iPhone.

For those waiting for idos 3, the developer posted this update earlier this month.

Update 2024-05-08 : “Your app is in review but is requiring additional time.” Makes me wonder if the reviewer is trying to play a game through.”