Apple Books not syncing from iPhone to iPad

Hey all, so a buddy sent me some PDF’s or epubs of 3 books. I added them to Apple Books from my iPhone. Turned on my iPad and they’re not showing up. I’ve quit the Books app to try and force it to reload as well as signing in and out to no avail. I’d imagine it might be a common problem but does anybody else have a better solution? I can totally redownload them on my iPad as a last resort but thought I’d figure out syncing first.

I’ve recently had trouble syncing Apple Books content, and I found that toggling sync off and on had no effect. (It’s incredibly frustrating — Apple’s refusal to give us a “force sync” button is inexcusable.) The only thing that sometimes seems to work is making a change to content on the device that won’t sync. It seems to trigger the device to check in with iCloud and actually do something. Sometimes.

As a general troubleshooting tactic, you could also shut down and restart the iPad.

I’d try restarting the iPad too.

You could airdrop them form iPhone to iPad.

You might have already looked into this, but do they appear in the books tab in the account panel in Books (you need to imagine this is an iPad screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:)?

I usually just Airdrop from Mac to iPad, as I have a problem with the sync the other way… Books dropped into the Mac app, don’t appear in the iPad app…

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This is my preferred “work-around” too. I agree with earlier sentiments about a lack of native sync-forcing behavior.

So I ended up grabbing them again (buddy sent them through Facebook Messenger) as imported the first 2, the other one decided to show up. Wish the syncing was like Omnifocus where I could force a sync.

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