Apple Butterfly Keyboard Topcase Replacement (x2) Settlement

MacRumors posted this today. I haven’t gotten my email from Apple (yet), though have had two top case replacements (and have the AppleCare emails to show for it). There is a site to visit to file a claim, but it has this scary disclaimer on it.


I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the keyboard repair did not resolve the keyboard issues I had with my Class Computer. To be eligible for a payment for any claim, you must declare that the repair did not resolve your keyboard issues by checking this box.

I was under the understanding that regardless of whether it fixed it or not (ultimately, the 2016 Butterfly 13" MacBook Pro mostly still works), however I’m reluctant to check that ominous box. Seems like it was set up to dissuade me. Am I remembering this wrong?

The Settlement provides for a $50 million fund for payments to Settlement Class Members who had the “Butterfly” keyboard on their MacBook laptop repaired. The two repair procedures covered by the Settlement are: (1) a Topcase Replacement, which involves replacing the entire keyboard module; and (2) a Keycap Replacement, which involves replacement of one or more keycaps. If Apple’s records reflect you received two Topcase Replacements, you are a Group 1 Settlement Class Member. If you received a single Topcase Replacement or one or more Keycap Replacements, and you declare that the repair did not resolve your keyboard issues, you are a Group 2 or Group 3 Settlement Class Member. The amount of the settlement payment varies depending on whether you are a Group 1, Group 2, or Group 3 Settlement Class Member.

If you had at least one unsatisfactory top case replacement, you can sign that.

Just wondering: Has anyone heard anything more about this? How long does it typically take for things like this to go through.

It will take several months from the spring when the settlement was approved. They’re in the process of reviewing the submitted claims (making sure they’re legitimate, getting more information where needed, etc.)