Apple Car Play and iPhone 13

I read that the newest iPhones have connectivity problems with Apple Car Play. Has anyone experience this and if so, what are the solutions?

Also, has Apple fixed this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Using it every time I drive, no specific issues related to iPhone 13. I have a problem with distorted voice during calls, but I had this issue with iPhone 11 and it seems to be related to the car not the phone.

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What is the problem supposed to be exactly? I use CarPlay almost everyday and have had no issues with the iPhone 13/iOS15.

No issues here either

I use CarPlay through a third-party wireless adaptor (i.e. If there were going to be issues, I’d expect to have them) and have had zero issues with my 13 Pro other than the transfer not moving over my CarPlay “pairing”, which was not entirely unexpected. It’s also probably the only part of iOS 15 that they didn’t break at some point during the beta cycle!

Plug in no problem with 13pro and CarPlay. Will report on wireless next

Not CarPlay but I do seem to be having delays in connecting to my ATV. Anyone else?

The iOS 15.0.2 update addressed many of the reported CarPlay connection issues. If you have not done so already, update your iPhone to the latest software release.

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I spoke too soon. Went to the grocery store, CarPlay worked fine. Leave the grocery store and I get a blank screen on my car. Unplug it a couple of times (this will happens a couple of times a year, and unplugging it and plugging it back in always fixes it immediately) and still nothing. Reboot the phone. Nothing. Turn off the car and start it back up. Nothing. Unplug the USB end of the cable from the car. Nothing. I give up and unplug it.

Get home and reconnect it right before I get out of the car, it works.

It’s not the cable because it is connecting as far as I can tell, the screen just isn’t displaying.

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