Apple Card - Address Mismatch

I have been having intermittent problems using the Apple Card with some online purchases. Not through Apple Pay but using it as a MasterCard. Last week I tried to make a purchase with a local bookstore through their website. My Apple Card was declined because of an address mismatch - “the billing address does not match the address associated with the credit card.” Except the 2 address were identical. So I tried again over the next couple of days. I am persistent. I made sure “Drive” was spelled out as on my credit card. I tried both with and without the 4 extra digits on the zip. Nothing worked. I spoke with a rep at Goldman Sachs and they could not find a problem on their end. I assumed the bookstore software was the issue. My bookstore is now checking to see if the problem is on their end. Mind you, this is the same card that I have been using for the past year or so for online purchases at this bookstore. And when the ran the card through with the card info they had on-file at the store it worked fine. I think they use a different process for this.

Fast forward to today. I subscribe to a website to follow college baseball. I use the same AppleCard and the service has successfully debited my card on the first for the past 3 months. Yesterday I received a cancellation notice because my card was declined with no reason given. I tried to renew but the card was declined because of an address mismatch.

So now I’m thinking the problem lies with the card. Or maybe the 2 places that declined the card use the same processing company. I searched online and found a few people having this problem and did not get this resolved. GS suggested to one person that they request a new card number but that presents additional hassles. I did update the billing address on the AppleCard to the exact address that was already there. When reasonable fixes don’t work maybe something as stupid as that will work. I am going to try a purchase again and if that does not work will contact GS later this afternoon.

Has anyone here experienced this? Or have any suggestions?

I don’t know if this helps but I have trouble with my Apple Card picking the right address, too. It seems to be going to My Contact in the Address Book. I do have several addresses there. I’d love to know how to force Apple Card to always use the correct address.

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I had the same problem. I moved and I could not get it to use my new address by default. My fix was getting a new phone. :expressionless:


Mine won’t let me pay from my Mac. Works fine on my phone and watch, but on Mac it says my address is invalid. I’ve deleted my home address and re-added in the hope of sorting it. Not bought anything since. I’ll report back and watching this thread with interest.

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I’m having the same problem on my Mac. The address now says invalid. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

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Deleting my address in contacts and then re-adding it worked. In doing so, noticed my street address was in two parts. Dropping the second part probably fixed it. There might not be a need to delete.

No longer getting the error/warning, just did my first successful buy.

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I haven’t heard back from Goldman Sachs even though it was escalated up to a higher level. I did find 2 instances of me in the address book so I deleted one. However, they both had the correct address. I have gone through every instance where Apple has my address and made sure they are identical. I haven’t tried using the card at the 2 places where they have been declined. Card is and has been working fine elsewhere.

Should I hear back from GS, I’ll post here. Thanks to all for your advice.

Follow-up: Never did hear back from Goldman Sachs. Have since tried the card at the places where it previously would not work due to an address mismatch and it worked fine. So maybe making sure all instances of my address were identical fixed the problem.