Apple Card - Military Not Welcome without State Issued Photo ID

I have applied for an Apple Card, but because my Photo ID is a United States Government Military Identification, Goldman-Sachs will not approved the card because it’s not a “State Issued ID”. I’ve offered to send a copy of my Passport, and my Nevada Driver’s License which does NOT have a photo (in it’s place, “Valid Without Photo”). Has anyone had this problem too, and do you know of a workaround? I find it hard to swallow that Apple would be so unaccommodating to Military Folks stationed overseas, so I believe the problem is with Goldman-Sachs. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! My wife and I would both like to buy the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, but would like to have an Apple Card first. Thanks!

Have you seen this list of tips?

It came from this thread on someone having a similar issue. It appeared to work for them.

Yes…7th item on the bulleted list says: Military ID, or state issued ID, a passport will not work.

It just doesn’t say why. :frowning:

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The text of the 7th bullet is “You need a drivers license, Military ID, or state issued ID, a passport will not work.” Due to the punctuation used, it’s not clear what won’t work. It could be interpreted as the first three will work, but not a passport.

I realize this doesn’t help you. I would pursue with both Apple Card support and Goldman-Sachs if you want the card.