Apple Cases for iPhone 11 (non-Pro)

A little rant that has been on my mind since going from the XS Max last year to the regular iPhone 11 this year. Apple’s cases have always been my favorite - they are minimal, come in lots of colors to make it more personal, and fit perfectly while providing the right amount of protection. I’m a fan of the standard leather case, usually black, but sometimes a colored silicon like the blue last year or red the year before.

Apple says the iPhone XR before and iPhone 11 now are their best selling phones, but they only offer 3 case options for their best selling phone(clear, black silicone, white silicone), while offering 17! choices for the pro phones. The white silicone for the 11 isn’t even the same white for the 11 Pro phones. Even the new battery cases offer 3 colors for the Pros, but only 2 colors for the 11. It’s maddening.

I want to give Apple the ridiculous $50 for a leather case for my 11 and another $40 for the colorful silicone case for those times I want to change it up. Instead I’m stuck with black or white or clear or a non-Apple case. I just don’t see Apple’s rationale here - it seems upside down. Offer more color choices for iPhone 11 phone, but no choice in case options, and offer less colors for the Pros, but tons of case options to mix it up.

Any else perturbed by this? Am I overblowing it?