Apple Classical Lossless Bach for Easter

Beautiful Bach Oratorio for Easter.


I listened to the John Eliot Gardiner recording yesterday as I drove to my Easter family dinner.


Me too. Absolutely stunning recording. Listening again this afternoon.

I’m curious to what extent lossless has made a difference to people’s listening of classical music. I’m currently on Spotify (since Apple doesn’t have a ‘duo’ two person plan and is therefore a few £ a month more expensive). Spotify has high quality but not (yet) lossless listening.

I’m aware some devices, such as AirPods or any bluetooth device don’t support lossless in any case.

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Just to add, in the UK you can get up to 3 months free Apple Music here if you have the Shazam app installed.

Similar offers may be available for other countries. I’ve had offers with Apple Music before, and I was given 2 months free.

I bought this wire to plug-in my AirPods Max headphones into my MacBook Pro:

I realize it isn’t technically lossless, but I did a comparison of using Bluetooth vs using this wire and there is a difference.

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