Apple Credit Card

I still have the same Visa cards for my private and business accounts ever since I moved to the US in 2006. Lately, I have become increasingly frustrated with then and was looking for an alternative, but none of them offered a significant difference in user experience. When Apple announced the Apple Card, I signed up immediately to give it a try — trusting that Apple should be able to improve the customer experience dramatically.
Today I received my invite and immediately signed up and enabled it as my default card on Apple Pay. The Physical card is in the Mail.
Next, I contacted Apple support to provide the option for a 2nd card to split personal and business expenses.


I got my invite today, too. Signup was incredibly easy.

The only thing that disappointed me was the APR I was quoted. Given my credit score, I expected to be at their lower end. Instead, I ended up in the middle.

Not that it makes any practical difference, since I don’t carry a balance from one month to the next. But still.

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At first it did not work for me until I ran the update for iOS :shushing_face:

Me neither I don’t care about the interest either, unless the interest is lower then the one from investing elsewhere :partying_face:

I got my invite this morning and signed up in 2 minutes.

I’m not going to use it as my primary card but it could be useful in some situations. My AmEx card not only doubles my warranty but also protects against loss, which the Apple Card does not. And while the AC offers 3% back on Apple purchases, 2% back with Apple Pay and 1% for everything else, my AmEx and Visa cards offer better cash back percentages; the Amazon Visa card gives me 5% credit back on Amazon purchases, which has resulted in significant savings - and now Amazon is the sole authorized Apple reseller on Amazon, so they offer a better deal on Apple gear than Apple+AC.

Also, for some reason I did not get the lowest interest rate (I know two people who did, grr), but that doesn’t really affect me since I always fully pay off my credit cards.


What is the range of rates?

12.99% to something like 22.9%.

I know two people who got the lowest rate, one of whom charges over $10K/month to her cards (but told me she never leaves an outstanding balance), the other has over a dozen debit and credit cards.

I was a little surprised that I was offered as high a rate as 16.9% considering that last I checked I had a credit score at two agencies over 800.

Those two individuals must have some credit rating.

Agreed, I’d check Amazon first for Apple gear to see if they offer the desired configuration; if they do, they’re definitely the better deal for Amazon Prime Visa holders.

For myself, I figure it’s now the Apple Card for any purchases from Apple, and from any place that takes Apple Pay. It’s the Amazon Visa for Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, and any restaurants, gas stations, or drug stores that don’t take Apple Pay.

I’ll probably end up dumping my AMEX. It has some nice benefits like the extended warranty, but I’ve only needed to avail myself of such benefits once, and I’ve paid out more in annual fees than I’ve saved. (I’d probably keep it if Delta were still my primary airline.)

I like the Apple Card’s Daily Cash, and the fact that there are no fees. I also like that Amazon’s card doesn’t really have a yearly fee, either — I was already a Prime member, so I’m not paying anything extra to have the card.


Yeah, I got hit with 17.99%, with a credit score over 780.

As I said above, there’s no real practical impact, but — ugh.

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Well, now I feel left out—no invite for me yet… :frowning_face:

Maybe it would help if Apple knew that I’m planning on dropping a new iMac on the card day one! :smiley:

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I signed up Sunday afternoon and was approved in less than 2 minutes. Card was added to Wallet immediately. Wanted to be primary card in Wallet but I moved it back. It actually stated something like “it wouldn’t be primary card for now.”

Was surprised to get a text and email that the physical card was delivered yesterday morning by FedEx. I had trouble activating it (didn’t want to read the card) but called support and added it in less than 60 seconds.

I plan to use it for Apple Services to get 3% back on iCloud, Apple Music, iTunes & App Store purchases.

With Costco, BestBuy and PayPal Gifts periodically offering 10-15% off iTunes gift cards, I will continue to use those (paid for with a cc that gaves me 2% cash back) and leave balances in my iTunes account. If I run out and need to buy something I’ll use the Apple Card, but I usually try to keep a balance handy.

FYI I did get an email notice from a credit-watching service I use that my credit rating dropped a few points right after Apple/Goldman Sachs evaluated my account during my application, but that’s pretty normal when people apply for new credit cards, and the credit score pops back up after some indeterminate period.

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I take advantage of the discounted iTunes card promotions when they come up, but I’ve tried to limit those purchases. My goal is to only redeem them when iTunes runs a Movie or TV show bundle. iTunes gift cards don’t have an expiration date.

Costco ran a 20% discount 2 years ago during the holiday season and I spent $400 for $500 worth of iTunes credit. Had some careful explaining to do with my better half about WHY that was a good purchase. Now I find that Costco, BestBuy and the others limit you to only 2 purchases in the promotions.

A co-worker was upset their Credit rating dropped a couple of points as they are in the middle of buying a house. They should have waited until afterwards but it did not negatively affect them.

There is no advantage to holding onto a purchased gift card one intends to redeem, and no disadvantage to redeeming immediately and maintaining a credit that can be immediately used at any time.

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Good info - any word on credit lines? I’m hoping for a Mac Pro in the future not an iPad Air! LOL


Ooh, this may not end well for some people - Goldman Sachs is passing out the cards like candy, even to people with supbprime, poor credit ratings.

GREAT THREAD! I am learning a lot here.

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I completely agree with you on this thought process… My issue is that “I” will purchase something because I have a sizable balance available in iTunes. This process helps prevent me from making a purchase that could wait. Willpower is sometimes a struggle!

For me I don’t care about the sing and dance about gift cards with discount and using one card for certain benefits and trying to skeem the system. Its to easy to get lost and end up loosing money or getting into trouble.

I hope that Apple lives up to its reputation and provides us a great user experience.

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Is it possible to get the Apple Card if you live in a different country by spoofing an American address? Would that be violating the T&Cs of using the card?

You need to provide a Social Security Number and its using your Apple ID info to verify ID. Unless you have a virtual life in the US I dont think you can do it.