Apple developer account > what is better? Linked to main Apple ID, or alternative?

Hello all,

Silly(?) question >> I’m dipping my toes into app development/coding. Currently working my through a basic coding/app development course.
I’m at the point where I am testing what I have built on a physical iOS device, which involves creating my (first) Apple Development Account.

The course instructor simply suggests that we connect it to our primary Apple/iTunes account.
Could anyone who has done this, please advise on whether this is fine, or would it make more sense to associate it with a secondary Apple account?

As in – assume (it’s not, promise) that my current Apple account is “Drunken_Unicorn_Wrangler_87455”.
Would associating an Apple Developer Account with ^^ that particular account (email address) be ill-advised?
Is that ever visible publicly?
In other words, assume I release an app at some point in the future, will I forever more be stuck with clients/users being able to see/interact with that email address/account?

So would it make more sense to associate the new App Dev Account with something more staid/businesslike?

Would appreciate any tips/suggestions!

I used my “main” AppleID, I’m not sure what I would do if I were starting over.

AFAIK your AppleID does not appear anywhere public; however, your name, which is associated with that AppleID, will appear prominently in the App Store listing. I could not find any way to change that.

When you submit your app to the App Store you will have to provide a support website, but no email address. Of course to be user friendly you would probably want to do so, but you can pick anything. I chose to provide email addresses on a per-app basis (i.e. each app has a unique email address).

Many thanks – this offers me clarity.