Apple discontinues 512GB and 1TB SSD 4K 21.5-inch iMacs

There was an event in November last year. I think that anything could happen.

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Sure, but since the new models are listed in the version of macOS coming out soon, I wouldn’t think we are waiting until November.

They don’t usually do new hardware at WWDC correct? So must be before then? :crossed_fingers:t3:

It’s usually not the case, but there have many counterexamples, so it’s honestly hard to make it a hard and fast rule.
Usually, hardware would rather be previewed during WWDC. I do believe we’ll see those Macs way before then, if only because iOS 14.5 seems close to release and Apple has a vested interest in making FaceID less troublesome to use in our masked times. Fingers crossed, yeah – April seems like a good bet.

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I was using that date as an example.

Do you think the new Apple Silicon iMacs could possibly support Face ID?

I would really expect them to; Face ID probably needs to work in a unibody Mac (MBP or iMac) because of the secure connection required (compared to just having an external monitor with « some » cable attached to the computer); the M1 chip now has all the neural circuitry required for it. At the very least, it would surely seem like a major oversight to not do it.

That would be great, but have there been any actual rumors suggesting so?

On the contrary…

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Indeed, you’re right no rumors point positively to that, unfortunately…
(Damnnn I really want cellular connectivity on a MBP…)

We can only dream… :drooling_face:

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I think so too. I don’t see why Apple wouldn’t unveil it at the event next week. I am very excited to see it be publicly unveiled!

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Yup, I am calling it. New iMacs next week for sure.

All of these videos keep hyping me up. If we don’t see any new iMacs next week, I will be very disappointed and shocked. Other rumored products have also been keeping me hyped, but my primary focus is still on the new iMacs. I cannot stop talking about them!

Just some food for thought… :wink:

Who is excited for that new iMac?