Apple Events calendar

Does anyone know of, or have access to a calendar online that is updated with Apple’s Events, as they are announced so that I can subscribe to it in Fantastical with the correct timezone etc?

Thanks :blush:

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Sorry, don’t have a CAL for you, but I use this page

They update the page whenever there’s a new event.

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You could probably scrape for data with Javascript through Scriptable & then include the Javascript in a “Run Scriptable” action in Siri Shortcuts and then set a Date variable from the date in the scraped data, followed by an If that looks for an appointment in aa chosen calendar, referring to Apple, and if no appointment found: create appointment on date with title & time of day scraped from website

Unfortunately I don’t know JS otherwise I’d have done it a long time ago :grin:

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I made this simple Shortcut for you.

It simply reads the Apple Special Event calendar.ICS and subscribes to the calendar.
Should update automatically so you’re always up-to-date with keynotes - if it doesn’t just run it again and it will add upcoming keynotes :slight_smile:

Subscribe to Apple Special Event calendar.ICS

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Wow Tonny! Amazing!!! So I run it once in a while and it updates a calendar on iOS?

Yeah - address for upcoming keynotes link on the Apple Special Event site doesn’t change, so if it doesn’t update the calendar (it should since you’re subscribing to Apple’s Special Event calendar) you just run it when you hear a rumor about an event, and it will download the latest keynote date - if Apple has announced it, of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t see the calendar showing up in Fantastical on MacOS. Is there any way to have it appear there as well?

I just sold my Mac, but if I remember it right, Fantastical should sync between iOS & macOS automatically and sync from Apple Calendar automatically.

Otherwise you could subscribe to it manually in Apple Calendar on macOS by adding This address too the Subscribe to… field in the calendar app.

Fantastical should then sync it on macOS as well

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That ICS does seem to contain a single event only?

Can you really subscribe to that?

That’s what happens when you run it in Shortcut, at least.

I’m pretty sure (99.9% sure) that the link never changes, only the event when there’s an announced upcoming event


Hi. I was tired of missing Apple Events or searching for it, so i created an iCalendar for everyone to subscribe to. There was an “official” calendar from Apple, but the last entry is from 2015 … I will keep this iCalendar updated and create entries for the next upcoming events. and click the subscribe button.
Or just copy the link to the .ical file and add it to Google Calendar or so.