Apple hardware sobriety

You all know what I’m talking about. Today after the Keynote I immediately checked the Apple Store to see what the costs, features, and specs were for all of the new gadgets that Apple announced. It also provided me the opportunity to start trading in and selling older devices (old Apple Watches, iPads, etc.) As I was doing this and calculating what I could afford (because I really don’t have a lot of money as a Religious Priest), I found myself fighting with myself about what I need to buy and what I wanted to buy. Well, I do think it’s time for a new iPad. I could probably wait on the Apple Watch (even though I don’t want to). But, I realized I was pushing myself to spend money on Apple products that I’m not sure I actually need right this exact moment. So, I’ve decided to set a cool-down period after this event. I’m going to wait on my gift cards and credits for selling and trading in my old tech before I make any decisions about new tech. My iMac, iPhone X, and Apple Watch 3 are working fine right now. I feel like an addict seeking sobriety. I guess I just needed to write this for group support so I don’t fall for my own self-rationalization tactics. Thank you for listening.


Yeah! It can be difficult. I find the phone the easiest to resist. I’ve got the X and it’s the least interesting shiny new thing for me. I use it to play music and podcasts when I walk. I take a few photos. A little web and twitter. But, if I’m being honest, the phone is most useful for me as an audio source. So, super easy to resist. I’m planning on keeping my X for at least another year, likely two more years. The Watch, well, sure, very useful. I wear mine everyday and use it for fitness tracking and as a remote for AirPods when walking. I updated last year and plan to keep it for at least another year, probably two. The iPad Pro is my main computer and I use it 8+ hours a day for work and non-work. Always nearby and I spend far too much time looking at the screen. I updated last year and will be keeping it for at least another year, possibly two. I think its a balance. This device is plenty fast for everything I do. Faster than any Mac I previously owned. I have no need to update. The thing I’m most interested in updating to is a larger screen. So, depending on that, I don’t plan to update. I think iOS and now iPadOS helps a lot here as new features really add to the usefulness of any recent iPad. I’d rather save the money now or put it to better use in another area of life.


Self awareness is a good thing. I was waiting for new iPad Pro news (I’m Padless for now) but without an update I’ll just wait until the next refresh. I did a lot of iPhone research… for my mom, who wants to replace her lock-in Verizon iPhone 7.

I’m 90% sure I’ll get my first Apple Watch later this year, but it’s far from a necessity and I still don’t know how much I’ll like it; I have a strong attachment to an old dive watch whose heft, face, and scratches give reassurance and pleasure.

The only thing I know for certain I’ll jump at is not hardware but a service: AppleTV+, especially as I’ve accumulated $$ via 15%-off iTunes gift cards. So $4.24/month for that service seems very reasonable.


Never go downtown at night where the pretty ladies are when ya have a fist full of money.

All the “new stuff” looked enticing today, but I will hold onto what I have, it still works.

Of course, this comes from a guy, who, not too long ago, was still driving a Allis Chambers B tractor with a Walkman duct taped to the seat support, so he could listen to music while mowing the pastures…:innocent::sunglasses:

I MAY spring for a 22” monitor and a mouse, if most everyone likes the mouse support on the iPad OS. My old(er) eyes and stiff hands could use those two devices.


I lived on and worked the farm for 6 years after my father retired from the Air Force and bought a farm. Some of my fondest memories are from my time on the farm, We had John Deere and Olivers. I did everything from plowing fields to castrating bulls. :slight_smile: The moral of this story is “don’t mess with me!” :slight_smile:


I have a Watch Series 3, iPhone XS Max and a iPad Air and fortunately for me, none of what was announced sound pretty revolutionary to me. I am not compelled to upgrade at all. If I have to be honest, the always-on Watch 5 is attractive, but not enough to get me to buy one at $400!

The only thing that smack me right on the face is that the price of Xr has dropped significantly due to the “lower” price iPhone 11. And the reason was that my wife received a subsidy from her company and she asked me which phone to buy and I suggested Xr, which was the right thing to suggest 2 months ago thinking that a) the new iPhone would be the same price (not lower!) and b) the new phone will only come to Malaysia in December, as with all other iPhones for the past 10 years. So, we got her the phone where we have to fork out some extra cash for the differences after the subsidy and as it turned out, two months later today, the Xr price have dropped significantly! Granted, long term, a price revision downwards is a good thing for Apple customers, but the wife is NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY if she knew this news later in the day :roll_eyes: With this new price, the subsidy would have covered the phone completely and we would not need to fork out any money. Talk about buyers’ remorse!!!

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Same here. I prefer driving an 11 year old car and being debt free to having every new shiny that I might want. Besides after having my two previous cars totalled (1 by a 16 yr old who ran a stop sign, the other by an F4 tornado) I don’t want to break my lucky streak. :grinning:


More, actually! I just priced out the least expensive large AW and in New York it comes to $552 with tax and Applecare+. Even with 3% back when using the Apple Card it’s $535.

My very first smartphone was a iPhone 6; it was the first one I could use without having to continuously fiddle with my glasses. I’m still using it today, but I think I see a new iPhone 11 in my future.

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For those who does not mind a n-1 phone, that is, a one year older phone, the Xr is a REAL bargain now, in my opinion. Difference between Xr and 11 is:

  1. an extra ultra wide lens, not even a telephoto lens, so your portrait mode is still some software magic
  2. 1 hour longer battery
  3. better A13 processor which is useful for computational photography

So, if you don’t care much about photos, that Xr price is a real bargain now.


In Thailand there were a few years where the government gave tax breaks in December that included electronics. That (and the likely launch delay) has taught me the value of a cooling off period after a Keynote. In fact, it’s the reason I still have an iPhone 6 having wanted a change every year!

This year could be the year though, maybe for an Xr depending on how prices break down over here.

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This might be hypocritical because while I agree, I am probably preordering the new iPhone.

Between the upgrade program and the camera enhancements (I like taking pictures!), I decided to take a gamble and upgrade my X - usually I upgrade every 3-4 years so I am not in “addicted” to upgrading as some people may be.

That said, in general I am trying to get into the “what I have now is good, so why upgrade?” mindset. Not just for technology but for anything really. It does make life more peaceful.

The difficult part is that if you truly want to reach “sobriety”, a good way to do that is to stop listening to Apple product podcasts. MPU isn’t that bad… but a combination of ATP, Upgrade, and Connected (all great podcasts!) will make you want to upgrade!

I’m a bad one to talk about this. I’m starting to plan for a new iMac, laptop and iPad sometime over the next year or so. I can’t upgrade my laptop past High Sierra. I want an iPad with a pencil after playing with one for art work and my iMac is slow and continually running out of disk space. Then again my current iPad is a late 2013 Early 2014 one, my iMac is a late 2013 machine and my laptop is a mid 2011 machine so I do get good use from all of my devices. my iPhone is still fine, I have an 8 and I see no reason to consider upgrading it.

The only interesting device was the iPad on this round. Iv;e got some questions, I may go start another thread on them.

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I actually have. I think MPU is my only Apple stuff podcast left (I don’t have the time for more anymore). I do listen to MacOS Ken every morning for the news, but that’s it.


I’ve cut down to MPU and Upgrade too. There are other very good podcasts, but I realised a year that if I listen to fewer Apple-centric podcasts, I have more time to listen to other kinds or music (which also helps with the sobriety, as it happens).


I just bought a XR last winter and tend to keep phones at least 3 years. I’m good until the iPhone 13. My Mac is my next major purchase as nothing I have will run the current MacOS. Can’t decide between MacBook Air or Mini. I use my Mac in exactly two locations so moving a mini between locations wouldn’t be bad. However the Air gives me more flexibility but don’t want one until it gets a different keyboard. The new watch features interest me as my series 1 is nearing 3 years old.

Me too @GraemeS I am down to MPU and Daring Fireball, not every week even. No music for me but law related podcasts and so on.
I have found over the last year or so that my bottlenecks are no longer on the technical side and/or IT if I might put it. With a suddeness that surprised me in fact. With Keyboard Maestro and a few other apps my speed on a Mac is now astonishing frankly. Regarding my own workflows anyway.

That means the software is good, more or less optimum, as is the hardware. I think Apple are hoist with their own success in a way? I don’t want to upgrade my 2014 laptop, first time I ever felt like that about a computer in 25 years: and when I do it will be an iMac rather than the butterfly, touchbar, thinner-than-ever-who-cares, newer laptops?

The struggle is real!

A couple of months ago a few things aligned and I decided that simplifying and streamlining was more of a priority than pure price. I guess I was also fatigued by the constant frustration of Android and Linux upkeep/fiddling. This eventually expanded to a plan to upgrade the desktop, laptop, earbuds, and one iPhone now and maybe add an Apple Watch.

I bought the AirPods here in Mexico because my earbuds cable was starting to cut out (and, shiny!) but since Mexico does not yet have Apple Pay anywhere most of my purchases will be online and/or done back in the states during our visit next month. Gotta max out the 3% cash back! MacBook Air (refurb) already bought and shipped to my brothers house.

Two side notes:

1 - Uber gets me at least 1% cash back since the payments are online and U.S.-based
2 - wife strangely decided she wanted an Apple Watch! Verified size at local store. Looks like we will have matching Series 3’s soon!

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Officially Apple Pay is only available in Brazil (statutes and pressure from entrenched players like the Mexican Bank Association have stymied AP and competitors with regulations about digital wallets and payments) but any seller whose terminal hardware does VISA/Mastercard NFC payments effectively does take Apple Pay, even if they don’t realize it. If you’re a Mexican national you cannot get Apple Pay but if you already have AP set up in a country that allows it you should be able to use it anywhere in Mexico that takes contactless payments.


While I have many Apple gadgets that range widely in age, I do have a phone addiction. Love the latest and greatest. The upgrade plan was a brilliant way for Tim to keep my revenue stream flowing into the company. ;-). The one thing I have not really been tempted to get has been the watch as have had no need for a watch since I got my first iPhone many years ago. That is, until my university gave me a sizable gift card for 30 years of service. I was intrigued by features of the series 4 so used my gift card to purchase one. Have thoroughly enjoyed it. If nothing else I find that my iPhone (XS Max) is in my hand far less during the day than before I had the watch. Even so, my one concern is that my single drug habit has now turned into a cocktail.

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