Apple Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

This is on Apple’s home page.


I heard a news story state that if you are younger than 85 years old, you do not remember anyone but Elizabeth as queen. Amazing. Think of the history she witnessed first hand.


Not a Monarchist (not trying to start a debate) but she was a great role model.
Quite a sad day.


Harry S. Truman was US president when she ascended to the throne.


Regardless of any opinions on forms of government, all or most heads of state could learn something from her.


An absolutely amazing public servant (if a very well paid one)

She’s been a constant through many people’s lives and a change to her having passed away and having a King is Jarring.

The next two weeks will be for mourning in the UK


Yes, you said it way better than me! :slight_smile:

Love this anecdote I saw earlier today on Twitter:


Class move – and taking over the main site right after the launches this week makes it even more impactful.


IMO, putting Queen Elizabeth on the front page of the Apple store was pure marketing and free publicity, as if to suggest that Apple is associated with the Queen.

That was my first thought too. But then I thought that if they didn’t do it they’d get complained at also. They couldn’t win either way.

At least they didn’t claim the photo was taken using an iPhone.


That seems overly cynical to me.


As far as I know, Steve Jobs would have needed to be a citizen of a Commonwealth realm, to be raised into the knighthood.
And he was an American, or am I wrong on that?

The body of the article actually confirms your belief and states Job’s was ineligible for a knighthood, invalidating its own headline. He could have recieved another title, but still, terrible journalism. From 2011, an early indication of the way alot of pieces are now written.

Seperately, as a resident of the UK, I feel Apple had no choice but to do this. Every business from fast food outlets to warhammer figures to lingerie suppliers have done similar and failure to do so would be conspicuous and invite alot of unnecessary negative publicity and flak.

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I tend to distrust large corporations, especially that they have feelings about society. But Apple is all over the world, including all over the UK, and they have employees there. So I’ll try to take them at face value and experience the front page as a genuine tribute. :+1:

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Americans can receive Honorary Knighthood and Bill Gates is one.

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Correct, but only the Sovereign’s subjects may use the SIR appellation. So, he’s not “Sir Bill,” he’s Bill Gates, KBE

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People can be knighted (Ronald Reagan was) but cannot use the title of “Sir”

Jobs would have had to use the title Siri instead :slight_smile: