Apple hires Luigi Taraborrelli of Lamborghini

Doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an Apple Car, but interesting nonetheless.

Along with Apple’s investment in Didi Chuxing, and their goal of robotaxis in China.

But robotaxis aren’t Lamborghini-level, so that’s interesting as well.

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But now all the execs get Lambos! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s bad news. Now I’m sure I won’t be able to afford an Apple Car! :rofl:

I’ll just have to settle for a Chevy.

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The cops (er, police officers) are going to love you. In my youth I had a Camaro that topped out around 150 mph. It couldn’t have attracted more police attention if Miss September had been driving it. :grinning:

My VW Passat is much faster than that… :sweat_smile:

Not with me in it. I used an entire year’s allotment of stupid on that run.

The sportiest I ever got was a BMW. The fastest I ever went was 90. Didn’t have enough nerve to go any faster. Being older and wiser, I’m glad! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lamborghini…downright ugly. Sorry. They made beautiful cars back in the day (GT350, Miura,…).

I drive a hatchback…that sports cars hate in the rear view mirror. :smiley:

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In Atlanta we call that “commuting.”


On the Autobahn that’s the right lane.


Anyone want to guess how many months until he leaves?

Nope, as he is in General a Designer, and I have not read any confirmed information yet, that he really only is there to work on the mysterious AppleCar, I am out with any guesses at this time.
Maybe he just creates a new serious of colorful Flowersticker for the Backside of the iPad… :thinking:


Wild guess: what if there is no AppleCar and it’s just about the next version/implementation of Car Play?

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