Apple ID on Macbook

My Mom has been signed out of her apple id on her macbook for a very long time, she doesn’t know exactly how long.

If I sign her macbook into her apple id now, is she at risk of losing anything on the computer?

For example - she has a few apple notes - do these change with the apple id? Is there anything I should worry she needs a backup of before I sign in to the apple id?

Thanks for any help or thoughts!

Create a new user profile and set this one up with her Apple ID.
If needed you can copy content from her original user profile by changing the permissions on that user folder.

  1. Go to: Macintosh HD > Users
  2. Right Click on the old user older
  3. Select “Get Info”
  4. At the bottom “Sharing & Permissions”
  5. Add her new Username to the list
  6. Give her the Privilege to “Read & Write”
  7. Select the … (ellipsis) at the bottom
  8. “Apply to enclosed items”

From there you can simply drag and drop the desired files to the new user profile.

Don’t forget to set her new user profile as the default to avoid confusion…

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