Apple ID on work equipment

Curious how everyone handles using their Apple ID on a machine issued for work. Do you just use your personal one to be able to access software you purchased through that ID or do you set up a specific work Apple ID?

I’m starting a new job soon and there is a chance I could be issued one so I’m curious how others have handled this.

I created a work specific AppleID.
But then again. I have a personal and a work MBP and a work and private iPhone.

I did create a family group that I put both AppleIDs in so there can be some sharing done.

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I’d check with your employer as to what their T&Cs contain. I’ve used work-provided Apple hardware in two roles in recent years (an iMac in one and a MBP and iPad in the other) and I’ve used my personal Apple ID in both cases, primarily so that I can use my own apps.

Same as @Arendtsen. Also set up family sharing should I need to use an app on professional device

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I use my personal Apple ID on the work machine. It will be deauthorized when I leave. Well, assuming they give me notice!

I use my personal ID, as does nearly everyone I work with (the only exception uses family sharing). Any apps bought for me by work are done through our internal software system or directly from the developer so they wouldn’t end up on my Apple ID, but having MindNode and others available is very useful - though they’re technically not required they always get a “wow” response (and usually sell a few licences on the spot!) - my boss’s opinion on software is “if it helps you get it done then get it” though :slight_smile:

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I created a separate Apple ID because I wanted my personal data (safari bookmarks, contacts, notes, calendar, etc) to be separate from my work data. I never needed to share apps between work and personal devices, but if I did I could have used family sharing.

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My situation is very similar to @RosemaryOrchard’s. We’re allowed to use a personal Apple ID, or our own software licenses, to pull in whatever tools we prefer to use to get the job done.

I have a work apple ID that is part of my family sharing plan.

I just use my own, I like to keep my work and personal lives separate, but I hardly run anything through my Apple ID so I think it is fine

I struggled with this and finally decided to use my personal ID. I do have reminders and mail turned off in icloud so I’m not getting my families events and reminders.

I had to setup a separate Apple ID for work. The problem with that is sharing through iCloud. Some apps will only sync using that method, I prefer those that allow syncing via Dropbox. The Family Sharing is an idea I hadn’t thought about, which I may try.

Well I guess I don’t have to worry about this. Got a thinkpad today. I sort of expected it since I’m on contract vs being an employee so while they let employees choose I guess not contractors.

One of my colleagues and I were just discussing this last week. He feels very strongly about having a work Apple ID and I use my personal Apple ID. I like having access to all my music, apps, etc. even on my work machine. He feels this means I give up his privacy to do this. Only once in four years have I been asked to bring my work MacBook Pro to the Help Desk for “scanning.” I’m not even sure what they do, I think it’s just a check box for them.

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I used my personal ID and had some issues when suddenly had to turn my machine in when I was let go. But they were nice enough to let me go back and delete everything.

I think it really depends on the policies of the employer. My employers didn’t know anything about macs and so it wasn’t a big deal. Software for work was never in the App Store so that wasn’t an issue.

I pretty much used my work machine as my own personal machine. Which is why now I’m Mac-less but hopefully that’ll get fixed at my new work. =)…where ironically again, people don’t like macs…