Apple iOS Calendar Month View

Is there any hack or way to show the events, or at least colored dots, on the month view of Apple calendar? I hate just seeing a gray dot. It’s the main reason I swap back and forth between the default app and Fantastical.

I’ve confused. On my Apple Calendar for the monthly view it shows me all events (until there’s no more space) on each day. The type of event (accepted event, tentative event, birthday…), the beginning of the text of the event and the start time.

The colour of the Dot (type) is the same as that of the calendar.

This is the view from the app on my phone.

Is your phone in landscape mode in that picture?

Ah, mine was on iPad. Oops. I see what you mean now. The month view is pretty useless on iPhone.

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This is the main reason I keep getting forced into a 3rd party app. It boggles my mind they haven’t adjusted how to view events in month view…that’s a standard feature on just about every other calendar app out there.

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I paid $20 for a permanent license to Tiny Calendar so that I could get a good month view and a good week view on my iPhone. It still doesn’t compare to my gold standard, A Calendar+ on Android, but it’s a big improvement over Apple’s app.

I have BusyCal but I’m really trying to stick to Apples apps right now, I must be a glutton for punishment :joy:, and keeping the 3rd party apps to a minimum.

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