Apple keyboard failures extend to iPad Pro too



My iPad Pro 10.5”, along with the keyboard are eight months old, and the keyboard has started flaking out (connectivity, internal wiring failures, ?).
It’s still under warranty (also have AppleCare+), but I wonder if anyone has experience with the process and cost of getting a replacement?

it seems to be a thing


I tried getting my girlfriend’s 10.5 keyboard replaced after a week that warranty ended. It was having problem months ago but she was tolerating it. But it has gotten worst as time goes by. I tried having it replaced in Apple Store HK. They don’t want to replace it because of the lapsed warranty but I told them that I already called Apple Support and was told it can be replaced. They said they will replace it with a new keyboard but they’re only giving me a US$20 discount with a new one. They have to take the defective keyboard in that case so they were recommending that I should just buy the new keyboard so I can keep both.

I was told that only the old iPad keyboard is due for extended warranty. I think they might replace yours for free since it is still under warranty.

You guys are lucky, they wouldn’t sell me AppleCare+ because I live in a country without an official Apple Store. Even if I fly in HK they still wouldn’t sell it to me because if I take home the device in my country, the official Apple reseller wouldn’t honor the AppleCare+.


I have had the keyboard on my old iPad Pro replaced because it would not connect most of the time. It was out of warranty but the phone support allowed me to mail it to them, and they sent a free replacement. Last week, I also got my new folio keyboard replaced in an Apple Store because the space bar would not always register.

Ironically, I have not had any problems with my 2017 MacBook Pro’s keyboard!


@JohnAtl -
The Smart Keyboard on my 9.7" iPad Pro, purchased in March 2016, has been replaced twice. First replacement was a few months after purchase; the second replacement was after the original warranty expired but within Apple’s extended warranty program for the Smart Keyboard.

Each time there was no cost. I simply went to an Apple Store Genius Bar appointment. After briefly checking out the iPad and the keyboard, the keyboard was replaced on the spot. Apple took the old keyboard. The new keyboard came in a plain brown box (standard practice for a replacement item), but it was new, not a refurbished unit.

For the second replacement it helped that I went to the store prepared with several screenshots of error messages displayed in various Apple apps - Notebook, Mail, etc. The Apple Store reps were not particularly interested in errors during third-party apps. I had performed various diagnostic steps, so I gave the Genius Bar rep a list of what I did. These included updating to the latest IOS version, rebooting the iPad, re-connecting the keyboard, etc.

These days it is a bit more involved to get a Genius Bar appointment. It’s probably best to go to Apple’s support website ( or call Apple Care (1-800-Myapple). Mention “hardware problem”; this will eventually lead to the offer of a Genius Bar appointment.

Hope this helps!


…And extends to my Apple Magic Keyboard with numbers pad that I purchased with the 2017 iMac in December 2017 is just stating to have issues. Right arrow key which I use extensively with Excel is starting to fail…have press really hard multiple times to get it to work.

UPDATE: Took magic keyboard to Apple store. Not sure why i didn’t realize this but was covered under my AppleCare+ I purchased with the iMac. They immediately gave me a new keyboard. Entire process took 5 minutes. While I don’t think the keyboard should have failed in a year’s time, I am happy to have a (new) working keyboard as i am otherwise a big fan of both the magic keyboard and trackpad.