Apple launches the first driver’s license and state ID in Wallet with Arizona

Apple launching driver’s license in Wallet in AZ.

Are you in when it comes to your state?

Any concerns about connecting your ID to your hardware with the state?

To help ensure that the person adding the identity card to Wallet is the same person to whom the identity card belongs, the user will be asked to take a selfie and scan the front and back of their driver’s license or state ID card, which will be securely provided to the issuing state for verification.

Do I have any security concerns? Remember all the problems with They were still finding security holes for years after it went online. I think I’ll wait until all 50 states have been using this for a while.

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While I understand your concern, as someone who was very close to that rollout I can tell you with 1000% confidence that you’re comparing apples to oranges. The insane steps (most low tech) taken during the rollout of to meet deadlines (my opinion) are the primary reason for the security issues. “We need more compute”. “I know, we’ll charter a commercial airline and get servers shipped that way because Fedex will take too long”. True story…

I’ve been watching this rollout with interest. Personally, I’ll continue to keep a physical card on me in addition to the digital card, just because this won’t address every situation plus there are rare situations where you really want to keep your phone secure or your hands out of your pockets, but I think the near field data exchange they’ve implemented is trustworthy. I already use it for transit when in Chicago.

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No argument, I followed the project closely at the time. My point was that even high priority projects are rarely ready to go on day one. And besides, I see no advantage in signing up for a digital drivers license until it can be used used everywhere.

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Not long ago I would have been very wary. I’ll probably keep my physical driver’s license on me for quite a while.

That said, given how well Apple has gotten Apple Pay to work in lieu of a physical credit card, maybe precautions won’t be necessary. (I’ll be cautious anyway.)

I don’t know… I used Apple Pay at my local hardware store and the charge showed up with the name of a store five doors down in the little strip mall! However, I use Apple Pay regularly at my grocery store with no problem. :upside_down_face:

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Considering how difficult it is to even get a Real ID in my state (Illinois), and the fact that I can’t get my vaccination status recognized by the state’s system, I doubt I will bother.

I am concerned about the utter incompetence of Illinois state government when it comes to technology. But mostly it’s just a waste of my time.

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