Apple Lightning to Headphone Adapter - Does it support external audio recording?

Hi Everyone - Can anyone advise if I could connect an external audio source with a 3.5mm jack to my iPhone XR via the lightning to headphone adapter so I can record that audio input?

The mic built into my el-cheapo Panasonic earphones works, so other audio sources ought to as well. Be sure to connect the adapter to the external source first before connecting it to the iPhone or it may not work.

FYI the Belkin 3.5 mm Audio + Charge RockStar has 12W pass-through charging and offers dual functionality for charging and listening to your iPhone or iPad, and supports any audio jack using the 3.5 mm connector with up to 48 kHz, 24-bit audio output.

So I purchased an audio lead that allows me to record intercom and ATC to my iPhone from the light aircraft I fly. I have tried the inbuilt voice memo app as well as recording a video and grabbing the audio track from that. I’m not sure which is best quality but I’m suspecting the video grab. Can anyone recommend a good audio soundtrack recording app for iPhone?