Apple locking down MacOS apps in 10.15

I’m not sure what to make of this.,00.shtml

Unconfirmed rumor solely from Rixstep/Radsoft. Have they ever posted a rumor that ended up being true?

Marzipan apps will of course require dev certs because they apps are on iOS first.

This might have been one of Steve’s famous one word “Nope” emails that occasionally became public.

I wouldn’t worry about Apple doing this, since it would almost guarantee that professionals would abandon the platform, as well as many businesses.

Doesn’t seem like Apple would do that if they want the line to continue

Although the post was 99% padded with an addendum/rant from a decade ago, the rumor posted exclusively by them is recent. Just not sourced, or particularly noteworthy. They do enjoy taking the pi$$ out of Apple. A few weeks ago they reported about how Apple was “in a rage” (their words) over not being able to open a store in a particular Stockholm location.

Yep, caught that on second read. I hadn’t read about Stockholm, hope this isn’t typical behavior for today’s Apple.

I think the reason you hadn’t heard of it was because it wasn’t terribly newsworthy, lol. But that didn’t stop the Rixstep crew from making it the Worst Thing ‘Eva, as they tend to blow out of proportion many of their posts about Apple