Apple Magic Keyboard (large) and maybe Magic Trackpad

I currently have a MBP 16". Before that, I had a 15" MBP so I’m very used to using a laptop with a trackpad.

I’m in the midst of getting a new main computer to replace the MBP. I’m thinking of two options. M2 Mac Mini or MBA 15".

For the last day (and more to come), I’ve been using my laptop in clamshell mode with 2 monitors hooked up to it with an old Apple bluetooth keyboard and Logitech mouse. Historically, I’ve had my laptop open right under the external monitor.

Without getting into super long reasoning, here are two issues of several that I’m grappling with in a setup with a laptop trackpad vs a kb/mouse combo.

  1. I use 1Password and I unlock using the Touch ID button. Without the button, I have to use my Watch or type in my password, neither that I’m in love with right now.

  2. In Spark Email, I’m so used to swiping to archive emails. With a mouse, I have to click. I’m sure I can setup a hot button to do that quickly (although not as fast as a swipe).

I could buy a new Apple Keyboard with Touch ID that solves problem 1 but those keyboards are not cheap. And I could buy a Trackpad to solve problem 2 although after all these years, it seems like taking my hands off the keyboard to go to a mouse or trackpad is inefficient.

But one possible benefit (which was actually the reasoning for this post until I started blabbering on) is using the extra function keys on the Magic KB to create shortcuts to certain functionality. Does anyone do this? I used to use Caps Lock button with Keyboard Maestro but that became a huge pain when I needed to capitalize multiple letters so I took it off.

Has anyone else switched back from a trackpad to kb and mouse/trackpad combo and want to share their experience?

p.s. In another weird thing, for the last 6 months, I feel like my left hand now droops onto the trackpad sporadically so when I click on the trackpad, I actually get the secondary menu (as if i’m CTRL clicking) which is beyond annoying. I can’t figure it out why it randomly started and continues to happen.